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    a good good Father

    a mind shift takes place when we see that

    God is FOR us, not against us.

    we’ve all heard the verse,

    Hebrews 12:5-7 (MSG) “my dear child, do not shrug off God’s DISCIPLINE but don’t be crushed by it either; for it’s the child He loves that He DISCIPLINES, and He CORRECTS every daughter whom He embraces.”

    but have you ever felt loved getting in time out? how about a spanking? how about an illness? a broken marriage? a financial hardship? persecution? or for some sin you committed?

    a lot of times we blame God for “punishing us for our sins” when sometimes sin opened the door for the enemy to come in to steal, kill, & destroy some areas in our lives. satan punishes us. God wants to rescue us from it.

    He’ll turn your wild lament into whirling dance; He’ll rip off your black mourning band and decks you with wildflowers. He’ll clothe you with a festal garment in exchange for your weeping attire. discipline is actually the dearest form of His favor.

    maybe the illness was to realize that God is the medicine. maybe it taught you how to fight. maybe the broken marriage was teaching you that He can love you more than any man can. maybe the financial hardship made you lose all to discover the blessing that money can’t buy. whatever purpose it has, God is out to bless you and restore to you what was stolen.

    i remember my first “God spanking.” it was actually more of a wave of grace. just one of those that slaps you in the face and leaves you spitting out salt water.

    my boss had given me the opportunity to run an errand. she printed out directions for me. my pride and i got in the car, turned right to show my boss i was listening, and then made a u-turn and followed my phone’s directions. 20 minutes later, i show up with the place nowhere to be found. i now have to call my work and tell them that i’m lost. i got back and was asked, “how did you get lost?” i said whatever i could to cover up my mistakes because i feared punishment, but what i really feared was looking foolish for not following her directions. God told me, “go tell her the truth and apologize.” anxiety came over me in the pit of my stomach. i got up from my desk after 5 minutes of this awful feeling and marched into her office. i told her what i did was wrong and began to cry. she was utterly shocked and told me it was okay. i said, “no, that was not okay and i am so sorry.” after that day, she began to treat me with the utmost respect and kindness. the anxiety disappeared because satan had lost his victory.

    have you ever felt punished because you disobeyed what God told you to do? i want to encourage your tired, discouraged, and confused soul. we so fear punishment that in these times we have forgotten that our trial has a purpose.

    one of the biggest delusions is believing that your pain is God trying to teach you a lesson.

    sure, you may learn a lesson in the process of pain but the goal is in verse 13>>

    Psalms 94:12-13 “Rewarded is she You correct, And who You teach out of Your Word; That You may grant her RELIEF from the days of adversity,

    UNTIL A PIT IS DUG FOR THE WICKED.” >>who is the wicked? well #1 it’s NOT YOU! so many times we feel God is digging a pit for us and were sinking in despair. instead its for the wicked. the wicked isn’t the sickness, your ex, or your bank account. it is the enemy of your soul. the one who set up all of these plays against you that God will turn for your good.

    Psalm 23:4-5 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.

    UNTIL YOUR ENEMIES BECOME YOUR WAITERS. >>Lets put God back in His rightful place. He comforts us from death & evil!

    if you’re wondering if your perspective needs a shift, look at the lies below to see if you’ve ever believed these about God’s discipline:

    1. Discipline focuses on the misbehavior of the past. FALSE

    the discipline you have been experiencing is not God’s punishment. He’s invested into making you new.

    2. God’s correction is condemnation aka God is frustrated with me. FALSE

    God correction isn’t to punish you to pay for your sin, that was spent on the cross. His wrath account is bankrupt. His conviction for you is a call to righteousness.

    3. Your intuition is that loud voice inside of you that makes you feel guilty. FALSE

    That’s the enemy wanting to press rewind and then play all of your sin over till you’re singing songs of guilt and misery.

    4. God believes in the child who rarely misbehaves, who does everything right! FALSE

    God sees who you are in Christ, not what you are failing in at the moment. He believes in you because you’ve succeeded not by your actions but by His grace by dying on the cross.

    5. God is crying over my sin. FALSE

    If God cried over your sin, He would never be able to stop.

    Perhaps when God flooded the earth, it was from the ducts of His eyes at the thought of losing generations to sin.

    So when He promised to never flood the earth again, it was sparked from knowing Christ’s love would cover the multitudes of wrongs forever. Now, His heart breaks when we don’t understand that He is not mad at us but forgiven us!

    6. God is punishing me. FALSE

    punishment says, “I won’t tolerate what you did, so I’ll show you how mad I am.” scared and defensive you surround yourself with walls to protect another piece of your heart from getting hurt. but the child who withdraws into this protective walled shell hears nothing. you thought He had outstretched His hand to hit, but He was after a tender loving hug. God isn’t wanting to teach you to fear His anger, He’s too busy loving you into greater things.

    so how about a new season of believing differently? when you believe the truth, your actions follow.

    welcome yourself into the family room of God where you will feel secure. you’ll step onto the carpet of grace, and even when you’ve misbehaved, sometimes He won’t discipline at all. instead of seeing “the look” on God’s face in comparison to your father/mother, you’ll see heaven smiling over you. He’ll not just tell you not to do something but why and how not to by reminding you of your true identity. He won’t rub your nose in the mess you made, He’ll simply redirect the behavior instead of focusing on your misbehavior. He’ll meet your every need individually because you are completely unique.

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