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    Just Like a Child


    did you know God journaled about your life? He has a book on you in heaven that captivates your beauty. this past summer i took a class on ‘the developmental stages of a child’ and i couldn’t help but read it from our heavenly Father’s perspective. as you read, allow Him to reveal which stage you currently reside in and where He wants to take you.

    in the beginning of your faith as an infant, you were totally dependent on Me to meet your needs. you reached out and learned from the response you got whether or not I could be trusted to care for you. maybe you prayed for someone to get healed and the illness buried them in the grave. maybe you fought in prayer for a marriage that failed. maybe you believed in Me for a miracle that never came to pass. if you felt like I wasn’t there, you accepted a belief in that moment that no one would be there for you.

    I want to rewind and remember your first moments entering into the world of the kingdom of heaven.



    the water of the Holy Spirit poured from heaven washing you from the inside out. it started from the top of your head and reached the tip of your toes as I pulled you from the womb of Holy Spirit and your wide eyes of wonder saw My lips breathe in life as you turned toward the sound of My voice. you developed a hunger for the only One who could quench your thirst. every time I came close your eyes would close at the brightness of My face. I saw you had a personality totally unique to you and it was good.

    Three Months:

    your head became stronger. your ears began to detect the voice of your Father, and you sang your own sound back to Me. like a beautiful cadence, your heart would beat faster when you saw a table of food stretched before you. the Word became flesh to you and with Me you were excited to explore the world.

    Six Months:

    I called you by name and for the first time you realized it. but your lips learned the word “no” and you used it often. tickled by timidity you would shy away from strangers because they were not in your comfort zone. you were devoted to watching others carefully to imitate their movements. seeing maturity, you fostered a craving so badly to be at that stage that you tried to talk like them but it came out as babble.

    Twelve Months:

    you mostly played alone but flourished in familiarity, unafraid to test your power in walking. zealously, you participated in whatever was going on because to you, everything was a delight, not a duty.

    Eighteen Months:

    running the race and climbing higher became an easy skill set for you as well as taking things apart and put them back together. proud of your accomplishments, you found it manageable to take care of your self more.

    Two Years:

    after a while you longed for independence. you tested to see how far you could go. if you felt confined within the rules and structure or didn’t feel allowed to think for yourself, it would create an insecurity within and a strong will was developed. you’ve been house broken and now you’d rather do it your way and withhold your possessions from others as if it were a treasure that could only be found by you.

    Three years:

    you discovered the benefit of being less physically active, yet you did more within this frame of rest. you conquered the mundane like it was a game. it was stretching trying to find a balance between cooperating, sharing and playing with others but your attitude changed from “me” to “we.” reason rather than emotion became your first instinct. if there was a group, you wanted to be apart of it and clean up any spills. a trophy was carried in your heart with a love to learn new things and you developed an adoration to sing. you focused your attention and then understood the concept of time and seasons.

    Four Years:

    you loved trying new things and began to meet new people and have new experiences. successful attempts developed in you a sense of purpose, a feeling of “i can do this” but the unsuccessful attempts caused a lack of initiative and the will you once had diminished. strong opinions formed and a love to carry on long conversation with greater concentration. learning right from left bolstered you to follow more complicated directions. 

    Five Years:

    you became very social and started to have “best friends.” you developed affection for status and prestige. you fostered doing things that were “good deeds” and thrived to boast about it. you were willing to bend the rules if it impressed the crowd. questions like “why?” and “how come?” progressed as your mind persisted on wanting to problem-solve and you fancied learning IF you felt it important enough.

    Six-Twelve Years:

    important created a satisfaction that had you overflowing. but if your mind found excuses to sit out, you began to feel inferior with thoughts like, “i can’t do anything.” when the music sent sound waves to your ears, you delighted in dancing and savored new songs. you increased independence yet still needed to be included. you were assertive & aggressive, relishing in planning ahead. you cherished the idea of leaders and followers but you always longed for prestige.a burst of activity welled up and being active in things your heart considered

    may we be childlike…

    to trust. to be dependent. to try new things. to be active. to be conquerors. to attack projects we’re interested in with zest and enthusiasm. to develop a skill we want to have that benefits others. and let us remember that despite our feeble misunderstandings and strong-willed, self-centered thoughts, that He has loved us before our dust was formed and in our wobbling naivety He will breathe life into our bones until were dancing like children again.


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