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    henry | 1 year old session

    why is it that baby’s tend to be so polite & perfect when i hold a camera to their noses as if they know it is all about them and they’d prefer it that way? this little boy named henry was such a doll and he loved his parents but he really loved his ball!

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    Gatsby Goodness

    Who is this Gatsby? We went all the way back to 1922, seeking, a little wistfully, for the dramatic turbulence of some irrecoverable photos to steal the attention of all who saw them. We didn’t want to tumble short of Gatsby’s dreams, so we threw ourselves into it with a creative passion using everything from the 19th century starting with the venue of McAdoo’s, (which was the oldest post office in town turned into a high class seafood restaurant) to the elusive table settings of the tussie mussie centerpiece, Limoge salad plates, etched crystal stemware, french antiques, even down to the vintage dress & wedding ring! The book characters of The Great Gatsby made for excellent guest names on the door tags with french blue ribbon tied to gold spray painted keys. The tables were labeled East Egg & West Egg to show the representation of new vs. old money for our daytime cocktail hour vs. night time reception. The unutterable visions came to life & we were left to think of F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote, “Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”

    with decadent desserts from two tarts, inspiring concept design by erin caruso, flawless coordination by laurel white design, the oldest post office in NB for our venue at McAdoo’s, immaculate florals by blumen-meisters flower market, french antiques from la belle vie, killer calligraphy by wayfarer’s creative, creative paper suite by paper therapy shop, beautiful modeling by josh & caroline caruso, hair & make-up that spun us back in time by alicia & dani from william edge, made this shoot the most amazing experience!!!

    before you look at these images please turn on this song (or click any of the above colored words) Bedroom Hymns by Florence & the Machine to give you some awesome background music to prep you for what you’re about to see!!

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    Connie Fisichello

    Beth. These are just STUN. What a beautiful, beautiful shoot. You and all who came together to make this happen are so talented! Thank you for sharing these for all to see. I feel like the luckiest bride in the world to have you coming to St. Thomas with us to shoot our wedding! I absolutely cannot WAIT!



    Maria Fisichello

    These are just STUNNING Bethany!! Absolutely beautiful! Cannot WAIT till June 7 in St. Thomas!!