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    ella | landa park 6 month session

    we can all agree that the softness of the skin, the wide-eyed stare, & the flawless complexion of a baby just melts the heart of those around. lets forget about the smelly diapers, the runny noses, the spit up & the tears. yeah, lets focus on the beauty. the beauty of this little angel: ella.

    thank you meagan for being open to my vision and up for anything! and yes, we can all agree…she is one amazing mom.

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    Mary Noel Riddle

    Beautiful Ella!! I can’t wait til we have kiddos and you can photograph them! (won’t be for a little while though) Your photography is wonderful and so fresh! Can’t wait to see more :-)


    These are fantastic!!

    milk & honey valentines day shoot

    kayla & dan win the sweetest couple i know award. i had already came over prior to that & rummaged through their closet picking and choosing the outfits that best correlate with the “not-your-typical-valentines-day-shoot” theme. the weather was forecasted as creamy sunshine & perfect hues in my lens as the two fell in love again in front of my camera. they wished me luck before, saying they were “awkward in front of the camera”. oh, if they only knew how many times i’ve gotten that line, and how every time it was a lie. it’s like the tornado warnings that dissipate in minutes. they were strutting, laughing, posing, & ROCKING IT in no time!

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    […] dream is to be published. & what a delight it is to see Dan & Kayla’s “Milk & Honey” shoot on Style Me Pretty Texas blog today! i won’t lie, i did a happy dance for a good […]

    Meagan Rheinlaender

    Love all of this!

    Grace Keas

    Girl you are SO talented!!! All of these pictures are beautiful! I love the outfits you chose, the places, the decor, everything! And Dan and Kayla make such sweet models!

    january special

    welcome to my new blog! so excited you’re here and hope you enjoy all of the many exciting new things to come! one for now is this wonderful new year’s special! take advantage while you can as this girl is new to Texas but soon will be┬ásporting some boots!

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    Abigail Hentges

    I’m a fellow photographer in the same area and have around the same likes on FB as your page, but you are AMAZING! You deserve a LOT more likes! You’re fantastic :) Just thought you should know.