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    There is a key waiting to be found by you and me that requires us to shrink and unlock the door to destiny. Shrink our lofty and limited perspective of who God is and what He’s equipped us to do. 

    Shrinking the wrong thing will cause us to arrive at the door without a key. But when we taste the bread of life we remember who He is and where to find Him. 

    A world of wonder is anticipating our arrival. They wonder if we know our wonder. We begin our journey thinking we know exactly who we are, all the while listening to heaven share with us who we really are. 

    An introduction to the super-nature of our self. Welcome to wonder land, where the book of you has already been written, where the war against reality becomes your weapon, where knowing who God says you are makes you a champion, and where everyone is eager with expectation. “It wasn’t a dream, it was a memory”…you called it heaven. 

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    chase a rabbit

    “In order to get what God has for you, you can’t stay here. Sometimes God guides by what He withholds. “-Pastor Steven



    One of the many amazing things about God is that He speaks to you in ways that you’ll understand. Maybe not fully in that moment but when He speaks, its always an invitation to journey into greater understanding of who He is and who you are.

    So toward the end of our season in Charlotte, I heard the Lord say, “I’m giving you many doors like Alice in Wonderland.” My mom said, “I only remember that she went chasing a white rabbit.” I went and refreshed my outdated memory of the long ago read book and watched “the door scene.”  Trying to catch the fullness of what God wanted me to know, I created a Wonderland Pinterest Board full of quotes He used to speak to me. She was surrounded by many locked doors but it wasn’t until she drank the juice and shrunk herself that she was able to enter the tiniest door in the room.

    I said, “God, Am I believing this next journey is beneath me? Am I going to have to shrink (become less) in order to enter in to this door? After being at Elevation church, all seems small in comparison but not in God’s eyes.

    The next day we arrived to one of our interviews and I was greeted by a little girl who asked me, “Do you want to see my white rabbit!?!?” She showed me her fully alive white rabbit hopping in its cage and God had me laughing. We then checked into our hotel and our room number was 217 with an image of a lantern beside it. He reminded me, “My word is a lantern to your feet, a light to your path.”

    A lantern only illuminates the next step, not the whole journey.

    Let me introduce you to the PLOT TWIST…Prior to this, I had gotten an offer from Proverbs 31 for a DREAM job with Online Bible Studies. It included writing/choosing the content for blogs/calls/etc.

    But after much prayer, the Lord said, “Bethany, are you chasing your dream job or your dream God, because I can be served anywhere. Do you have to work at a company that’s well known or can you serve at church that’s known by Me?”

    It’s so hard when two people in marriage are called. Caleb was ready to drop his dreams for the sake of mine but I couldn’t handle telling him to not fulfill a prophetic word that has been chasing him for 10 years. The white rabbit to me represented Holy Spirit. Running after Him to see where He leads us and what He created for us to do.

    So after months of tons of job interviews, moving back in with my parents, seeing God provide just enough each week, we are MOVING TO

    Starkville, MISSISSIPPI

    where Caleb will be the Student Pastor at Pinelake Church!!! Oh and this is our new house we are renting!

    Other funny things:

    • we were listening to Heidi Baker and she said “You know like on Alice & Wonderland, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”
    • my parents were listening to a sermon to check out the church we were applying for and the pastor said, “We’re gonna go down a rabbit hole for a minute like Alice & Wonderland”
    • a blue butterfly like in Alice in Wonderland became the search but one day Caleb had a huge yellow butterfly fly by him for a moment that stood still. He was telling me on the phone that he felt God say,  “Don’t just look in one direction.” I said, oh do you think He was talking about MS?” As I said that, a huge yellow butterfly flew in front of my car.


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    Wood in the Water

    Have you ever packed the suitcase full of hope to follow God’s call on your life and ended up not receiving the very thing you had travelled for? The Israelites know how you feel. In Exodus 15 they followed Moses for three days {33 miles to be exact} without water and then spotted their need…but it was bitter.

    Maybe you trekked all the way through the desert to discover fresh water and found disappointment being born in unmet expectation at that moment.

    The place where:

    • disappointment gives birth and hope gets killed
    • you can see it but you can’t taste it
    • even though it’s tangible it isn’t accessible
    • You came for water.

    • You found water.

    • But you can’t have the water.

    “What can we drink?” (v24) the people asked Moses and he eagerly asked God for a solution instead of focusing on the problem.

    We learn that when we set our mind on what God is about to do, we won’t be focused on what He hasn’t done.

    “And God showed him a tree.” (v25)

    If we taste what God hasn’t touched, it will kill us.

    The Lord is showing the people that they came for the wrong thing. They came for water but He wanted to give them living water! Finding water in the wilderness wasn’t hard. It was restoring the bitter waters to something the people could drink that required God’s mercy. So what about your life?

    Did those desert days produce water that terminated your thirst? Has bitterness swept over your thoughts? Take your wood and throw it in the water. Let the cross take a swim in your veins until it pumps sweetness to every acidic thought process that’s taken place. One look at the cross turns our situation sweet. As Matthew Henry states, “He will render the bitterest trial tolerable.”

    So there I was, finding out that I was not a fit for what I thought God called me to and I was given a choice in that moment to drink the waters of bitterness or drink the living water. It was a choice of listening to satan tell me that because I don’t fit, I didn’t belong, therefore inheriting an orphan spirit full of insecurity and doubt. I  could’ve easily swallowed the questions of why: Was this a test? Was I even called? Feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, hurt, disconnected, broken, & feeling factionless (for all of you Divergent fans out there, haha).

    But instead I chose to ignore every lie that told me that I wasn’t good enough. I faced the facts: It’s all about embracing a place but what happens when the place doesn’t embrace you? It stings. It hurts. I cried and art journaled. But in the mess, I let God find me. Instead of glazing over the pain, Jesus’ sweet soft whisper rushed in to heal the hurt. I didn’t let it keep me down, I let God lift me back up. I remembered He is always working things for my good, so there was no way to stay upset. Bitterness’ poison could be healed by the touch of the tree. The one who died to set me free.

    “and there He tested them.” (v25) Your true nature is revealed in testing. Marah was a place of bitterness and testing, but because Israel endured, they genuinely gained from their time at Marah. It was at this place I learned:

    • to partner with the will of God even when it didn’t match mine
    • self-distrust
    • to celebrate others receiving the prize
    • a deeper level of submission
    • a satisfaction in serving
    • a fuller belief in His promises.

    “bitter waters were made sweet.” (v25)

    There is one who came to earth for 33 years and looked up to God and asked what shall I drink? God pointed to the cross and Jesus obediently drank the cup of suffering so that the water could become sweet for you and I. “Buckingham explains that the chemicals in the sap of the broken limb drew the mineral content down to the bottom of the pools, and left only good water on top.” Christ is the broken limb who died and took our sin to the bottom of hell and rose us up from the grave! The tree also left minerals that cleaned out their systems from disease just as Christ gave us Holy Spirit to cleanse us from the inside out!

    “Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the water.” (v27)

    Though you have camped at the bitter waters of Marah, that shall not always be your home. Jesus took our bitter and turned it into sweet.

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