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    Ruffled Feathers

     “And everyone who has this hope fixed on Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.”

    -1 John 3:3


    “Don’t get your feathers so ruffled!” has always been a term related to stressed out people, but after studying bird behavior, I have learned from this process. It is necessary to their survival. The ruffling of feathers is how birds keep clean, waterproof, and in flying condition. They bother their feathers in order to remove the debris after every bath and meal.

    A powder forms as they break apart each feather, keeping them warm when the cold comes. Then they shake off the dust, forming a cloud of debris to leave behind.

    As a child of God, I bathe in His presence and eat of His goodness but do I bother some places in my heart in order to remove the debris? If birds aren’t ruffling their feathers, they will be extremely ill or uncomfortable in there living situation. How often do I become like that tattered bird who has stopped the process and need to see my situation with new eyes? Without this process of examining my own heart, I cannot be lifted higher than my circumstances or be waterproof when the waves of life arise.

    Birds shake their tail feathers to release tension and I wonder what am I storing up? Is bitterness, resentment and discouragement hiding beneath my actions? It leaves me asking myself one question, “What’s ruffling my feathers?”


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