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Nice to Meet You

When you look at my fresh vintage-inspired photography, I hope you will feel like you are in a fairytale. Like everything around you disappears & you’re in another world. 

I was flipping through a wedding photo book the other day while drinking my Starbucks 1 pump Toffee Nut White Chocolate Mocha. I was disturbed when I realized that my $5 espresso gave me more happy chills than did the photography. This was not ok.

You don’t have to be plastic to look good. You’re photos are best when they’re real, unexpected, and you.

Laughing is included in your session, even if it’s laughing at me.

You’ll receive accessibility, a quick response, respect, commitment, & honesty. You’re not just another bride; you’re a friend.

Laughing & crying over and over to Sleepless in Seattle is a lot like your photos…you’ll never get tired of looking at them.

Liking your photographer’s personality as much as their portfolio is imperative. You want a good experience, not feeling like you’re being chased by paparazzi.

I cherish the moments that take my stomach like a ride at the state fair. I adore watching a Ferris wheel moment unfold before the eyes of my lens. These are the moments that I capture before, during and after your wedding day.

Bethany Boone Photography always appreciates a Better-Than-J-Lo event planner that has it all together (even if you don’t), and fashions your wedding to define you to a T.

When your grandchildren look at the wedding portrait hanging in your hallway, you don’t want them to think you struck a pose at your friendly, neighborhood Wal-Mart but by all means doing something different is always fun.

You want your grandkids to look at the portrait and say, “Wow, grandma had some awesome taste. Just a few changes and that dress could be pulled out of the moth balls.”

Allowing your dog, cat or hamster to walk down the aisle is perfectly fine. If they leave a chocolate surprise behind, it’s ok. It’s reality, and art is reality.

Take a break from your 3-month “Don’t-Eat-Anything-That-Looks-Good Diet” and indulge in your wedding cake. Adding a little icing to his face wouldn’t hurt either.

Every bride is the star of her wedding, and should embrace the moment. The aisle is her red carpet.

My name is Bethany Kuenzli (pronounced Kinsley) & I graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte for a Bachelor of the Arts in Fashion Marketing & Management. I view love as your own fairy tale. I believe in better than the movies type of love because it’s REAL and want to capture that through my lens. I laugh a lot, encourage goofiness, & being yourself. I adore those little moments that scream I LOVE YOU. Creativity is what I hope everyone finds in themselves & push to incorporate that in every aspect of life. I specialize in naturally lit wedding & lifestyle photography and am available for travel. Bethany Boone Photography is fairytale like, vintage inspired with a modern twist and I am so thrilled to share my enthusiasm with you on this blog. I would love to hear from you to make your wishes reality!