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    the fig

    imageHealing seems much easier when we don’t have to pick off the scab and realize we just re-opened a wound that’s still bleeding. But its in that moment we find it is a perfect time to throw out the welcome mat and let Christ have His work within the doors of our heart.

    Oh no! Christ is coming over? A panic sets in that screams, “I’ve got to clean the house and remove the clutter so He doesn’t trip or think it’s completely disgusting that I haven’t dusted in months!” We fall into the curse of hiding that Adam and Eve stood behind so long ago. Grab some fig leaves y’all, we can’t let Him or anyone see us like this! We mustn’t be exposed in frailty and shattered in our shame.

    But love comes walking through the garden of our hearts and calls out, “Where are you?” There’s been a loss of connection from our heart to His so He comes to find us hidden in the darkest spot we could find and tags, “You’re it!”

    Once we let the love of God find us in our worst, most ugly moments, we let the light in and can run to find someone else to share how He found us in the depths of our darkness. He didn’t leave us there and He’ll never leave us again. The best part is God loved us so much, He took separation out of the vocabulary of those who accept Jesus into their broken places and chooses to heal us.

    In Mark 11:12-14, Jesus sees a fig tree full of leaves but without fruit. He was hungry and looking to eat so He withered the tree and cursed it to never live again. Just like that tree, we gathered our shame and hid but through the cross He withers the fig leaves that we held up to hide our hurting hearts. He melts away the false pretensions and navigates through our darkest night. He wants to eliminate shame from our lives and bring the deepest healing that only He can provide.

    We were made for love. Have we received it? Maybe we’ve received a false expectation, or catastrophic devastation from the way life was meant to be in our eyes. Experiences can easily shape our definition of who God is in our lives but who He is will not change. The more we receive the love we were made for, the less we strive to fix the problems we are facing ourselves and start receiving the solution, which is Jesus.

    As we reflect, I want us to ask ourselves these two questions:

    What scar tissue do I have that makes me hesitant to fully trust God as my Father?

    What leaves of shame can I let Jesus wither in order to receive healing?

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