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    why Texas?

    on the first day of arrival here in Texas, God spoke the future as we pulled in to this small town. He said, “I did not bring you here for the job, but if I had told you why you came, you would have never come.”

    sometimes His words don’t make sense in the moment but clarity rises as time gets spent. now i am breathing in the life of that statement. it is the oxygen in which keeps me level when doubt arises. i want to breathe out some C02 to you so that you too can kill the questions and the reasoning and remember HE is the reason. it’s always been about HIM.

    the first Sunday here we went to a church (that wasn’t even the one we meant to go to but somehow was pulled up in my mind and was 2 minutes away). i had just been prophesied over in Virginia Beach hesitantly…”you are about to walk a path that will be hard…very hard, but at the end you will receive the robe of righteousness.” back in Freedom Fellowship in Texas at the end of the sermon the pastor said very loud and clear as he pointed, “and you will receive the robe of righteousness!” the words pierced to the core of my heart and i knew this was it. this was our church home.

    weeks after that, a prophet came in town named Jay LeRoux. our presence was requested at a “Leadership Meeting” even though we were not yet leaders. that night he prophesied over Caleb a message so spot on we were jaw-dropped. he dissected his heart and deciphered  “youth & worship, youth & worship as he said over and over.”

    i was told there was no need on Sunday mornings for singers and to get with youth, then youth told the same and to get with home group and from home group i left with the same answer. guitar in hand, sitting on the carpet of our rented room, i said, “Lord, i’ll sing to you in my bedroom forever if that’s what you want. just You and me.”

    that Sunday they had a meeting for vocal tryouts and i was told to go. i was put on the schedule and after asked by the youth leader if i could lead “Closer” one of my favorite songs at the time, & then they asked for us to lead home group worship. all in one week everything had flipped! shortly after we found out the leader & his wife were transitioning out of youth and he out of worship and they wanted us to step in. everything was falling in to place.

    shortly after we had so many worried for us…”you guys do too much! you’re gonna burn out!” i’m humbled to say, we still haven’t simmered down. burn out doesn’t happen when Holy Spirit breathes on your fire.

    it’s coming up on 2 years that we’ve set foot in the foothills of Texas and many of you are wondering, if Caleb’s tennis job is what brought us here and he no longer works there, then why aren’t they scampering back “home”?  if he wants a job in ministry then why isn’t he in one and why can’t he do it near family?

    if God had told us to move halfway across the US, away from family to a small town to do ministry in a small church not knowing anyone and going from one job to the next, we would have never come. the truth is…he is in ministry. we both are doing ministry within the church part time & in the world part time, we just don’t see a pay check for it…in the natural. our treasure is in heaven. what’s the treasure? it’s Jesus. when God says arise, go to Nineveh…you don’t tell Him you’d rather go to Tarshish because there is better opportunity there for ministry and because it’d be way more comfortable to have family there. He’ll cause a storm, provide a whale, and spit you out where you belong because He called you there.

    perhaps you feel that He has told us to go to Nineveh (home) and we ran to Tarshish…then the outcome will still be the same. He will direct us back to where we belong. isn’t that encouraging?

    since being here Caleb & I have seen our church transition into a new building…the youth group go from 30 to 100 kids in attendance, with 60 kids on the Youth Retreat…countless salvations…12 baptisms…10 kids in my Art class get saved!…we’ve been able to attend marriage classes, a 3 month online worship school, co-lead Young Adult Fellowship, lead worship at Youth & Young Adults, and start a young adults ministry called Underground. God is settling Himself upon His people and we are so excited to see the work He is doing. we’ve never felt so apart of a community.

    So please, we need your support! Don’t pray for the ruby red slippers to be put on our feet if He’s calling us to walk the yellow brick of His path. This is all a season and seasons change.

    Until the winds change…


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