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    There is a key waiting to be found by you and me that requires us to shrink and unlock the door to destiny. Shrink our lofty and limited perspective of who God is and what He’s equipped us to do. 

    Shrinking the wrong thing will cause us to arrive at the door without a key. But when we taste the bread of life we remember who He is and where to find Him. 

    A world of wonder is anticipating our arrival. They wonder if we know our wonder. We begin our journey thinking we know exactly who we are, all the while listening to heaven share with us who we really are. 

    An introduction to the super-nature of our self. Welcome to wonder land, where the book of you has already been written, where the war against reality becomes your weapon, where knowing who God says you are makes you a champion, and where everyone is eager with expectation. “It wasn’t a dream, it was a memory”…you called it heaven. 

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