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    adam & connie | st thomas wedding

    the alarm went off promptly at 3:00am as we hesitated out of bed to prepare last minute details such as painting my nails & shaving my legs…because who can be truly be prepared for st thomas without doing that?! we arrived at the airport as it was still dark outside and as we entered into a line that was longer than the one for Tower of Tower at Disney World  i asked caleb, “what holiday is it? is wednesday morning a good day to travel or something?”

    he was tired. i was delirious. he didn’t want to talk. i wanted to goof off & laugh hysterically. lets just say it was like mixing taylor swift & guys…it just didn’t work out. so after waiting an hour or two, i realize that i could’ve skipped the entire line the whole time as i saw a sign that said “Premium Passengers enter here”! …but Caleb did not have this ticket so i was expected to continue to go through the regular line with him. my flesh was one unhappy bride. “i want my way!” it cried as i rolled my eyes. “your his wife. you’re a family now. it’s not about just you anymore. stick with him,” my spirit whispered back.

    we finally get through as they are calling the final boarding call for our flight over the speakers, when Caleb gets stopped for having the oversized sunscreen he told me not to pack. “sir, have you ever travelled before?” they asked. wow, talk about a lesson in submission for me! as they pulled him into a side room and showed him his favorite expensive knife, i quickly told him to chuck it! the longer we hesitated on deciding what we should do with the knife the louder the last call became. “i will buy you a new one!” i said. as they asked to re-run his bags without the extra items, i opted to run to the gate and try & hold the plane.

    “is there anyone else in your party, mam?” “yes! my husband is right there!” “mam! we need to know if your in or out. there is no time, this plane has to go!” my flesh screamed in a fit of rage (borderline tantrum) “get on! this is your job, not his. you need to be there on time. you don’t have time to adjust a million legs. GOOO!!!” but my spirit carried my legs and i walked away saying “i guess not.” he said, “mam, what is your name?” i turned around in tears unable to even answer when they yelled, “mam! is that him?!” i nodded yes as they spoke back & forth about how they had already swiped our names off the record and needed to add them back on in order to get us on the plane. they re-opened the doors & we quickly ran onto the plane just in time.

    i sat down in relief & frustration in my 1st class seat as Caleb headed to the back. & let me just be truthful in my ugly thought process here & i thought…”God, i am so mad right now. i feel like my whole life is waiting. i am ready God to go wherever you want me. i have a 1st class ticket but i’m stuck waiting in line with someone who’s not even as excited as i am for where we are headed.” (ouch, i warned you this was ugly…can we say heart issue? a root problem? yes, we may.) you wanna know how God responded?

    “Bethany, this story isn’t about you. it’s about Me. see you (humans) are the one waiting in line & I (Jesus) hold the 1st class ticket & life is the long line. I have access to skip the line but I choose to wait in line with you…to walk with you through life. and while your filtering out things that aren’t meant to go (sin/possessions, earthly treasures) where we are going, I go before you and hold the plane. they swipe your name from the record but I cry out for you in hope that you will surrender & run to Me. the outcome changes in the nic-of-time and the hand of heaven is now opened for you to walk in.”

    wow. the voice of God calms me, changes me, lifts me to higher perspective just as the plane does and lands me in a totally different place.

    so welcome to st. thomas! join me in celebrating adam & connie’s tropical wedding in a place where they met on spring break & fell in love. adam kept asking if they were “blog-worthy” and they most certainly are! adam you are so yielding to your bride’s wants and so eager to please her. i admire that about you and how generous you are as a person. connie you are so bold and passionate about the details. you know what you want and you chase after it. i love that about you. your hard work for your day paid off and it all came together so beautifully. thanks for letting me capture your love. & a ginormous thanks to caleb for being my rock and helper!

    connie created her own sugar scrub and designed the adorable jar & note along with it.

    here’s the beach to the beautiful Marriott hotel. it bottom dropped the day after the wedding but it was clear skies on the day of!

    she bought her b*maids these adorable sea foam dresses to get ready in!

    connie you are stunning!

    they each got each other a watch for their wedding gifts. too cute.

    connie designs wedding invitations, so all of her details were designed by her!

    having a harpist play by an ocean is just too relaxing and beautiful!

    their first dance was danced to “ho hey” by the lumineers-LOVED this song!

    i know adam & connie were so glad to take a breath and breathe it all in after all was said & done! :-)

    congrats adam & connie. may you always rekindle your love when the flame is low and know that you two were created for each other. <3

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    Hi Bethany I was the photographer that was working the Photo Booth at this wedding . We had a nice chat afterwards. I am so excited to see your images of st thomas and how differently you saw the marriot . So fun to see. I love your work and think you are amazing and you were the most friendliest , happy person. I am so excited that we also share the same love for our savior! I will forsure spread the word about you for another wedding :) The bride was also such a sweetheart and we loved having her in our Photo Booth!