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seeing the unseen: when a promise turns into a process

I sat there in a cotton paper towel dress as she pulled out a wand that looked like the one I use to curl my hair with. I never imagined the moment of looking up at an ultrasound screen without my husband and with no baby in my stomach. A place where many go to discover a little […]

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   There is a key waiting to be found by you and me that requires us to shrink and unlock the door to destiny. Shrink our lofty and limited perspective of who God is and what He’s equipped us to do.  Shrinking the wrong thing will cause us to arrive at the door without a […]

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chase a rabbit

“In order to get what God has for you, you can’t stay here. Sometimes God guides by what He withholds. “-Pastor Steven   One of the many amazing things about God is that He speaks to you in ways that you’ll understand. Maybe not fully in that moment but when He speaks, its always an […]

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