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Self Doubt Almost Swallowed Me

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my recipes…the ingredients of how I made a relationship with Holy Spirit and how others can too. But the risk in sharing my cookbook is that the directions can be misread or misinterpreted like the time I accidentally scooped powdered sugar instead of flour. One missed step, one wrong brand, or […]

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an invitation to celebration

It’s a whole lot easier to stay silent when the tempest rages but our marriage was birthed in a storm. The cloudburst led us to dance in the rain, sing through the storm, and stay when it downpours. One week after finding out the news that I have PCOS, I received an invitation. It was a birth announcement from […]

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seeing the unseen: when a promise turns into a process

I sat there in a cotton paper towel dress as she pulled out a wand that looked like the one I use to curl my hair with. I never imagined the moment of looking up at an ultrasound screen without my husband and with no baby in my stomach. A place where many go to discover a little […]

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