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    jonathan david & melissa helser | seattle, WA

    October 2012, I attended a For the Love Photography Workshop and got to meet my all time favorite worship leaders, Jonathan & Melissa Helser. The first time I saw them at church in Charlotte, I knew that the way I lead worship would forever be changed. Hanging out with Jonathan felt like hanging out with Jesus and talking with Melissa felt like speaking with Holy Spirit. They resemble trinity in such a tangible and practical way. Their worship is powerful because it’s real. They are locked in to the love of God and it leaks through their voices, actions, and prayers. I am so blessed to have met these two and been shown a piece of heaven through them. I am still praying for a couple’s retreat at their farm!!! ;-)

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    I just listened to “No Longer Slaves” by these two and I have to say, their voices sent chills up and down my spine. What an amazing blessing they have and all the better to sing to the Lord with!