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    Lliam | Charlotte 18 months

    pete & heather’s precious lliam was welcomed into the world not too long ago but i was able to capture him before he was even born when he was still a bun in the oven! it is such a delight to visit back home in Charlotte and shoot him at each stage of life. here’s a couple of my favorite from our willows in the park sesh. :-)

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    zach & lindsey | charlotte garden wedding

    zach & lindsey knew how to personalize every detail of their sweet soiree. they preferred the beauty of nature over an indoor facility as they swapped “i do’s” in the middle of a rose garden in downtown Charlotte. talk about a secret garden whimsical & enchanting fairytale!

    she never apologized for being different but stood confident in who she is as she wore the most beautiful BLHDN wedding gown with an angelic vintage shawl.

    zach bought her the rarest rose gold gem ring with a peek-a-boo diamond. i think it describes his bride perfectly: quirky & unique and once you get to know her, you discover a hidden diamond on the inside.

    mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses, something blue’s & a rose hair clip from anthropologie=love!

    lindsey got ready at the Dunhill hotel in downtown Charlotte. it is historic…kinda like zach & lindsey they go way back. ;-)

    it was the perfect spot since the suite had 2 outdoor balconies that made for a perfect backdrop!

    zach & lindsey chose to do a FIRST LOOK! woohoo! this is where you & your groom get to see each other before you walk down the aisle so it’s just you two soaking it all in.

    because of that, we were able to go ahead and shoot the entire bridal party as well as portraits of just the two of them without having to rush to the reception.

    it was supposed to rain heavily that day…it did not. ;-)

    one of the coolest parts to mcgill rose garden was this beautiful train as the back drop to the beautiful affair.

    oh, did i mention this precious flower girl is my niece? melt my heart!

    enjoy as you enter into the secret garden….:-)

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    Hannah Kurhajec

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I loved all the elegant details! You did a fantastic job capturing their special day Bethany!

    lets go fly a kite | gruene family session

    With tuppence for paper and strings
    You can have your own set of wings
    With your feet on the ground
    You’re a bird in a flight
    With your fist holding tight
    To the string of your kite

    When you send it flyin up there
    All at once you’re lighter than air
    You can dance on the breeze
    Over houses and trees
    With your fist holding tight
    To the string of your kite

    Oh, oh, oh!
    Let’s go fly a kite
    Up to the highest height!
    Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring

    Up through the atmosphere
    Up where the air is clear
    Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

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